Saturday, 30 April 2011

Winning over Depression Part 7. Books to Read

Welcome to my final blog in this series of Winning over Depression. I hope you have found the series useful and encouraging. In this blog I simply want to give you some recommended reading. So here goes:

Undoing Depression by Richard O'Connor, Ph.D. This is one of the best books I have read on depression from a secular point of view. Read this book!

Overcoming Depression by Paul Gilbert. This book is good at helping you understand the process of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I don't agree with everything he says as he doesn't write with God as part of the healing process. However, it is still a very good book.

Christian Set Yourself Free by Graham and Shirley Powell. Good book on spiritual authority and overcoming spirits. The drawback with this book is that I think it is perhaps a little simplistic. Nonetheless, it is the most thorough treatment of spiritual authority that I know of.

Awakening the Dead by John Eldridge. A book on physical and spiritual realities of living as a Christian. An easy read.

Keep fighting, hanging in there, and above all winning!

God's love to you,


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  1. Thanks for sharing your life & heart on the issue of depression. I admire your honesty, and find it very helpful. It is not really an area that I struggle in, but the struggle in your thoughts (with the colums) I recognize in me. It is also helpful to understand depressed people better. So thanks, bro. Blezz!