Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Dicoveries in Discipleship Part 2.

Probably the easiest way to begin this discipling journey is to begin with those you want to be with. When dealing with people in the church, can I say it baldly - there are those you want to be with, those you need to be with, and those you have to be with!

Begin with those you want to be with. I think if we start with that frame of mind, we will probably be choosing people who have the charisma (Holy Spirit anointing), character (godly) and chemistry with us (energise us rather than drain us) which is vital to any leadership team.

A very helpful thing I have learnt from the 3dmUK guys is to use the already existing rhythms and routines of your life. Do you normally eat dinner as a family at 6pm? Then just invite two of the couples you are discipling to join your family at dinner. Do you walk the dog at a certain time? Ask one of the young guns that would love to have some of your time and your ear to come and walk the dog with you.

Something that has dawned on me with the whole concept of discipling is that my home and my time belong to Jesus. I used to say so before. Now I'm beginning to actually live it. To want to really disciple people must mean that we are willing to be interrupted, willing to sacrifice a lot of our personal time and space (till now heavily guarded!) It's inconvenient if we have a self-protective mentality but it's amazing how it becomes a non-issue once we cross a Rubicon in our mind that we are doing life on life with these people.

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