Sunday, 6 May 2012

Be Unashamedly Spiritual!

Recently I read a study by Prof. William Kay of Glyndwr University, UK  - Apostolic Networks in the UK: the dynamics of growth. 2005. (Available from Glyndwr University Research Online). His study showed a remarkable correlation between the charismatic activity of ministers and the evangelism that happens in their lives. Furthermore, the study showed that the same correlation applied to the members of churches.

They were asked: In the last 3 months, how many times have you: Danced in the Spirit? Prophesied? Given a message in tongues? Prayed for the sick? Raised your hands in worship? etc. They had the options to tick various frequencies e.g. none; 1-6 times; 7-12 times; 13-18 times; 19+ times.

Even more significantly, the study showed that in churches where the minister is more charismatically and evangelistically active, so are their people. Prof. Kay writes, 'We can build up a picture of charismatically productive and evangelistically active ministers who create congregations in their own likeness' (p.8).

'What this also means is that Pentecostal and charismatic churches should be true to themselves and not allow the allure of respectability to seduce them away from their characteristic path. They would be deeply mistaken if they assume that, by dropping the potential embarrassment associated with charismatic gifts, they will secure their future and the continued upward graph of membership. Nothing could be further from the truth' (p.4-5).

Be unashamedly spiritual!

How would you score?

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