Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Shy Pastor endeavouring to be Missional

If you're a Christian, you're probably as convinced as I am that we are meant to 'go and make disciples' - right? It's just the execution that gets a bit tricky. I'm a South African amidst Brits who don't really seem to want to know me or my story. On top of that I am an introvert and find relating to strangers very difficult. I just feel awkward and don't know the right thing to say. I sound a bit like I have a learning disability when I am trying to make small talk. I tell you, it can really be discouraging sometimes. So what does a person like me do to make disciples?
I decided to start at the beginning - 'Go...'. I began prayer walking our neighbourhood and a local council estate almost every Thursday. Through that someone offered me Christmas gifts to distribute to children on the counsel estate. Through that I met people on the estate. Through them I met the Community Development Worker. Through him I was invited to the Community Stake-Holders meeting. Through that I am helping the community put together a  community party to celebrate the Queens 60th Jubilee (I also get to play lead guitar in a band performing on the day :) How cool is that. Through all of this I have had two occasions where I was able to talk about my faith. How much impact I have had so far I don't know. All I do know is that going is better than staying. Not easier, just better.
Where could you start by just 'Go' -ing?

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